July 21, 2016

Privacy Statement – Web Historian Browser Extension


The Web Historian research team is committed to protecting the privacy of our extension users and research participants. We have established this Privacy Policy to explain what information we collect through our browser extension and how it is used.

The Web Historian browser extension was developed as part of an academic research project and is not the product of any for-profit company. It has been released under the GPLv2 open source license and the source code is available here: https://github.com/erickaakcire/webhistorian

What Data is Collected

If you have not opted in to the research project – No data is collected by the extension.

If you have affirmatively opted in the browsing history data we collect includes the following:

  • Unique ID for each visit
  • Timestamp for each visit
  • URL visited
  • Page title (if available)
  • Transition type – e.g. link, typed, reload, a total of 11 possible values detailed in this document: https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/history
  • Referring record ID – the ID of the record that referred the user to the visited site
  • The total number of items deleted using Web Historian

When you opt-in you are sent to an online survey questionnaire. Your answers to the survey questions are collected and stored securely.

The research procedures are described further in the consent form.


Web Historian has an open mailing list for anyone interested in news about the extension. The participants’ personally identifying information (Name, email, etc.) is not associated with their browsing data.

Changes to Privacy Statement

If substantive changes are made to this privacy statement they will be communicated through the communication means described in this document, and updated on this web page.

Data Retention

Web Historian retains the collected data for as long as it is needed for the purpose for which it was collected.


Web Historian has reasonable technical, physical and administrative security safeguards in place to protect the collected data. All data are transmitted using SSL, the same encryption technology online banks use.

Chrome Store

Web Historian is available via the Chrome Web Store, which is subject to Google’s Privacy Policy.

Information Sharing Policy

Your information will not be shared outside the Web Historian research team, however, we reserve the right to disclose any information as required by law, or when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on us, or to protect the safety of a third person.

Last update: 28 Dec 2016